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We design and manufacture training aids that are compliant for TAFEs, RTOs and Colleges that train in electrotechnology studies.

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Every electrical or electronic course has at least one DC circuits subject, our DC pracbox training aid makes it easy for you train your learners practically so that they understand the DC concepts clearly and are ready for more advanced subjects like electromagnetism and AC circuits. 

Most electrotechnology trainers find it hard to engage students in practical training in electromagnetism subject. With our innovative electormag pracbox, you will be able to engage your learners in practical training which will enable them to understand the application of electromagnetism in our industry. 

Most students studying electrical find AC circuits very challenging. Our training equipment AC pracbox will enable you to demonstrate the complex concepts of AC circuits in a practical way. Teaching AC circuit has never been so easy and hands-on.

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Our training equipment are designed based on the Training Package requirements and are sure to cover most of the Performance Criteria and Required Skills and Knowledge​


All components in one box is our concept with most of our equipment. Every training aid is designed to be as self contained and portable as possible so you teach practical in any situation​


Electrical or electronic studies are very difficult to explain or understand by theory only. Our equipment will help you provide the practical training needed to completely grasp the concepts​


We pride ourselves in the quality of support we provide. We will never leave you in he lurch.To help you get the most out of our equipment and continual updates, we are putting together a learning platform, which help you with on boarding, product safety and practice exercises to get started and keep you going.​