Practical Assessment Equipment for Electrotechnology & Automotive Electrical

We understand that the trainers and lecturers in our field are extremely time-poor. We design our equipment to reduce setup and preparation time substantially, saving trainers much-needed time. All our equipment is portable and standalone, allowing trainers to implement flexible learning and meet compliance guidelines with ease. 
Our innovative equipment has nearly doubled the practical training and assessment at training organisations while enabling flexible learning.

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About Infinispark

Electrical training has always been theory-heavy, with many concepts to understand before a learner can implement them. This doesn’t leave enough time for practical training, which gets sacrificed and leaves the learners with theory information and insufficient practical skills. The lack of adequate practical training also exposes training organisations to the risk of being non-compliant and losing their registration.

We had found an unmet problem and thought that if we created equipment that would be not only compliant but also time-saving and engaging, we would be able to serve the whole electrical training industry well. This was when Infinispark was born.

We design our equipment based on the training packages and their performance requirements, performance criteria and the range of conditions, which makes them compliant to their core. We place the components in a practical, easy-to-use layout, saving setup and preparation time and engaging learners. Finally, we make the equipment portable for a truly flexible learning environment.

Our mission is to support our electrical training industry by increasing practical training to make our learners industry-ready.

Problems We Solve For Training Providers

Assessments Non Compliance

Have you ever felt that you may not have the right equipment to conduct assessments? According to the RTO standards, assessments should be fair, flexible, valid and reliable. In technical vocations like Electrotechnology and automotive electrical, none of these is achievable without the proper equipment. Which means you are leaving yourself open to non-compliance

Low Trainer productivity

Do you or your trainers waste hours in preparation for any practical exercise because the required components are all over the place?  Do you spend days, even weeks, designing your own equipment? Trainers' time is better spent training and keeping the students engaged, which generates revenue.

Lower Learner Engagement

Have you ever felt that your learners seem disengaged when you are trying to teach them a technical concept, something too complex for them to visualise? And when you try to train or assess them with improper equipment, they just aren't interested in using it or even respect it. Lower learner engagement is perhaps the biggest reason why they drop out and you end up with a high attrition rate.

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Maintaining compliance is easy

We start by analysing and unpacking a Unit of Competency and identifying what parts require learners to demonstrate their understanding. Based on this, we choose the components and put them all in a compact form factor. This takes care of the compliance from the ground up. This means less time and money spent on compliance.

Increase in Learner engagement

A sure way to lose an audience is by giving them unnecessary or irrelevant information so we only put the components that are relevant to a topic. This empowers the trainers with confidence that whatever exercise or assessment they conduct will be relevant. And we design our equipment so well that the learners and trainers enjoy using them. This not only increase your enrolments but also attract and retain excellent trainers.

High Trainer productivity

Preparation for practical assessment or training can be a very time-consuming process. We follow a model of one box for all practical assessments for a subject and put as many required components as we can fit in one box. This helps trainers spend less time preparation and more time training and assessing, which is what generates revenue.

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