Our Values

At Infinispark, our purpose is to support quality education. We believe that by supporting our training organisations, we can make the futures of the learners, their families and their countries are bright.


Our purpose is to support quality education. Education is the key to the progress of humanity. We don’t mean school or college curriculum but quality education that changes people’s lives for the better, that improves the quality of living and encourages people to work together. Our first core value is to support quality education.


Everything we do must be towards the improved outcome for our customer. Provide excellent products, provide good service and seek satisfaction in customers’ success. If they win, we win.


We can only progress if are all working together, looking out for each other and looking after each other. The human race is successful because we have learned to work together. We build on our past successes and learn from our failures. Our third core value is to serve the team, and there is no team without YOU.

Our Story​

The electrical trainers and managers of the electrotechnology training organisations work hard to provide quality education to the future electrical professionals, but there are many impediments in their way. One of which is access to quality training aids and resources. We know this because the person that founded Infinispark, Hus, is one of those trainers. Here are his words about the beginning.

I love teaching. It’s one of those professions that reward you almost instantly. To me, there is nothing as joyous and satisfactory as seeing a learner understand complex electrical concepts and succeed in their chosen field.

The electrical concepts are quite involved. I say to my learners – electricity, you cannot see it, you cannot hear it, but by the time you feel it, it may be too late. The best way to be confident and safe when working with electrical or electronics is to learn by doing. For this practical training aids are a must.

But time and time again, I have felt the lack of appropriate training aids and resources. I have heard similar stories from other trainers from many different training organisations. It not only causes frustration for trainers and managers, but the ultimate effect is on our learners. They go into the workplace without understanding the concepts thoroughly, and this is not safe.

So I set out to design quality training aids for electrotechnology that target the subjects or Units of competency (UoC). I thought these equipment don’t need to be complicated; they should be so easy that the trainers should be able to use them with the least amount of support. Not only that but the training aids should cover most, if not all, aspects of the Unit of competency all in one place.

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