DC Pracbox

What is a DC Pracbox?

DC pracbox is a DC circuits practical training platform that can be used to train electrical apprentices and pre-apprentices in core subjects for all major Electrotechnology courses. The DC pracbox was designed by an electrotechnology trainer with more than 10 years of experience. The design was in response to the frustration experienced due to the lack of well-maintained training equipment, missing components and disengagement in learners and trainers. No more scrounging for components or feeling embarrassed due to unmaintained and old training equipment. All components in one box – DC pracbox

When and Where Can The DC Pracbox Be Used?

The DC pracbox was designed to be used when training for UEENEEE103A and UEENEEE104A, both involve solving problems in DC circuits and are core subjects in major Electrotechnology courses like UEE30811, UEE22011 and 22261VIC. It can also be used in secondary schools when teaching electricity in physics.

The DC pracbox is designed to be used by learners in training centres with a trainer or a supervisor present. All practical training should be carried under direct supervision in order to maximise the learning experience.

Who can benefit from DC pracbox?



Training Organisation Manager

Well designed training equipment will increase the learner and trainer engagement

Electrotechnology Trainer

Current and relevant equipment to train your learners


Get trained with real and practical equipment that inspires you to learn more through hands-on implementation of theory


Apply the theory to practical

Features and Benefits



All components in one place

No more searching around for components or power supplies

Light weight Power supply

Built-in power supply that provides approximately 1.25-25V 5A max. No more carrying around heavy power supplies


The DC PracBox is a 300mm x 300mm x 130mm ABS box with transparent latching lid. Its lightweight (~3.6kg) and comes with a handle for easy carrying.

Power resistors

Train your learners with higher currents and show them how components can get warm/hot without any damage to the components


Learn to use IR tester on transformer windings and measure the resistance of windings to test the continuity

Fixed colour coded resistors

Learn resistor colour codes and ohmmeters. Use these resistors as current limiting resistors for LED lamp and capacitors


Learn about positive temperature coefficient and negative temperature coefficient thermistors and see the resistance change as the temperature changes. Trainers will be able to explain the practical applications of thermistors easily. Transitioning from theory to practice


Connect the light dependent resistor in series with the lamp and see it change the brightness as the brightness on the LDR changes


Connect a POT in series with the lamp to see it change the brightness or use it with a fixed resistor to show how voltage and current changes as the resistance changes


See how the varistor changes its resistance as the voltage across it changes


See the change in voltage and current as the electrolytic capacitors charge and discharge. Use the SPDT switch to create charging and discharging circuits

Nichrome wires

Calculate the resistance of the heating wires using their dimensions and measure them

How To Get The Best Out Of Your DC pracboxes?

The DC pracbox comes with more than 25 components plus a power supply built in and an IEC power cord. You will need to supply the learners with:

  • Meters – analog or digital,
  • 4mm banana plug and
  • A method to provide the practical exercises, which could be in the form a workbook or through a learning platform. 

What is a DC Pracbox?

Practical Exercises

We have a collection of 68 practical exercises that can be performed with the DC pracboxes, each of which come with detailed instructions, expected readings and learning outcomes. These practical exercises start from basic testing, circuit building and transitions all the way up to fault finding and can be delivered through any platform.

This will ensure that the trainers and learners use the equipment to its maximum potential and you get your return on investment.

Peace of Mind Maintenance

We provide regular maintenance service for your DC pracboxes where we come to your facility, test all the parts and components and replace the damaged ones. This will not only ensure a long-term usage of the training equipment but also give the trainers the confidence that they will work as expected before the new class begins. Depending on your usage you may choose to have the maintenance done every term or semester.