Electromag Pracbox

Practical. Portable. Engaging.

Most electrical trainers find it difficult to engage learners in electromagnetism subject of electrotechnology. With our Electromag pracbox, you will be able to provide practical to your learners, and the result will be more engagement and better compliance.

What do our customers say?

The problem

for managers


If trainers fail to conduct practical training, you, as a manager, know that it'll create gaps in compliance. Non-compliance is costly and will impact on your performance, not to mention extra work that you will have to do to rectify the non-compliance

Not enough hands-on Training

From my experience, most trainers enjoy conducting practical training. They know it works, and it makes it easier for them to explain complicated concepts like Electromagnetism. Then why is it that there isn't enough practical training conducted for this subject?

Learner engagement

Our learners are mostly hands-on or kinesthetic, there will be a decline in engagement and satisfaction, which will lead to reduced enrolments.

not enough Time

Most electrotechnology trainers love doing practical training. But with that you are also doing preparation, theory, conducting and marking assessments, lesson plans, preparing reports, filling diary sheets, marking attendance, collecting evidence of participation and assessment outcome, validation and moderation and much more. Do you ever feel like you have enough time to do everything?

Preparation nightmare

Do you feel that the easiest thing to drop is practical training because of the time it takes to put all the equipment together and prepare for the practical? You are not alone.

lack of motivation

If you don't have the appropriate equipment or if you do have the equipment, there is no support or training on how to use it. Do you still feel motivate to do pracs?

The problem

for Trainers

We all love pracs. We just wish there was more time to prepare, or appropriate equipment was available which would be quicker to use

The Solution

Seeing how managers, trainers and learners of training organisation suffer, we had to do something. We have put together a solution for the practical training of electromagnetism subjects. We call it the Electromag Pracbox (see what you’ll get in the pracbox). Each pracbox includes almost everything you may need to explain the difficult concepts of this subject. We have identified the components from the performance criteria and evidence, required skills and knowledge, critical evidence and range statement for the following electromagnetism subjects

UEENEEG101A is a core unit in the following popular courses

  • UEE30811 – Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician
  • UEE33011 – Certificate III in Electrical Fitting

E141A is a unit in the following popular courses

  • 22499VIC – Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Pre-vocational)
  • UEE22111 – Certificate II in Sustainable Energy (Career Start)
  • 22261VIC – Certificate II in Electrotechnology Studies (Pre-vocational)
  • 22263VIC – Certificate IV in Integrated Technologies

DC Pracbox makes your job easier

Its portable and flexible

  • It's portable so that you can conduct the practical almost anywhere
  • It's lightweight (less than 8 kg) so that you can move them with ease
  • It's compact so that it can be stored quite easily

Saves time and improves organisation

  • Most components that you'll need are in one place so you won't need to look for them each time you're conducting a practical (see what you'll get in the pracbox)
  • Significant reduction in reparation time because they are so easy to use
  • Comes with a built-in dual power supply so you don't need to find a separate power supply unit

Compliance at the core

  • All components are chosen based on the training package. This way any practical you or your trainers undertake will automatically make you compliant
  • All exercises are also targeted to the Units of competency so the compliance will be a breeze
  • With reduced time, increased flexibility and organisation, the chances of conducting practical training rises significantly. People will want to use the equipment because they are so easy to use

You are in good hands

  • We provide onsite training for onboarding, so you will have the confidence to get started
  • You will get induction and training videos, this way you can get the most out of the Electromag pracbox safely
  • Online training modules will help you refresh your knowledge about the equipment and assist in onboarding new staff
  • We provide ongoing phone and email support; you will never be left in the lurch

what will you get with Electromag Pracbox?

Electromag Pracbox
Electromagnetic Core
24V lamps
Power cable
Specification Booklet (Digital)
Induction Video (Digital)
Onsite training
Ongoing support
Online learning platform

Optional purchase with Electromag Pracbox

Electromag Pracbook

More than 30 hours of electromagnetism exercises with unlimited usage and printing license. Your learners will always have more to do. The exercises come with marking guides to help you do what you do best

Self service training

What if something breaks? We have your back. We can either provide onsite service or better yet, empower you to service the equipment yourself. We will train you and provide you with parts that are ready to install.

Premium package

This is a turnkey solution of practical training. We will provide everything that comes with Electromag pracbox, plus pracbook, multimeter and test leads that are right length and quantity. Everything you need for practical training in one package

Now it's your turn

Is the Electromag Pracbox right for you?

Contact us today to tell us your story and let’s discuss how the Electromag pracbox can help you​​

Step 1

Is the Electromag Pracbox right for you?

Is the Electromag Pracbox right for you?

Contact us today to tell us your story and let's discuss how the Electromag pracbox can help you​

Step 2

See it to believe it

See it to believe it

Schedule an onsite equipment demonstration​

Step 3

Get your hands dirty

Get your hands dirty

Try it out! Book and use a trial Electromag pracbox for two weeks​

Step 4

Full steam ahead

Full steam ahead

Let's place an order

Step 5

Let us look after YOU

Let us look after you

Schedule onsite training for onboarding, get access to online learning for the equipment and contact us anytime if you ever get stuck​


Most frequent questions and answers

Practical training is the heart of Vocational Education and Training (VET) and TAFEs, RTOs and Teachers make a commendable effort to make that happen. Any tool that promotes more practical training and makes easier for us to keep doing it well is worth it. The pracbox is tool that will do just that and assist with compliance, increase engagement and save trainers’ time.

Currently the following TAFEs, RTOs and organisations are using them and loving it! 
  • Holmesglen
  • Go TAFE
  • SuniTAFE
  • RMIT University
  • Bendigo Kangan TAFE
  • Woodonga TAFE
  • Department of Defense

To start with, we provide customer onboarding which includes

  • Onsite training
  • Induction video
  • Specification booklet

After this we support you by phone and email as much as you need. We love looking after our customer and seek satisfaction in your success.

We can provide you with an exercise book as an add-on product with more than 30 hours of practical exercises with all marking guides and expected results.

The Electromag pracbox is designed to train learners on concepts of electromagnetism and  various electromagnetic components. You can train learners on the following unit
  • UEENEEEG101A – Solve problems in electromagnetic devices and related circuit
  • UEENEEE141A – Use of routine equipment/plant/technologies in an energy sector environment