Electromag Pracbox for assessing electromagnetism subject in Electrotechnology

A practical equipment with real industry components for all your assessments
If you teach electromagnetism, you most likely struggle with

Too much theory

Electromagnetism subject is full of theory and calculations and, at the surface seems like a chore to teach. What's worse? The learners can see the material they have to get through and then be assessed on all that just scares them off.

Lack of interest

The amount of theory in this subject somehow lends itself to feel that the concepts of electromagnetism are unrealistic and have no relevance to the real world. This causes learners to lose interest and become disengaged.

Maintaining Compliance

In subjects like Electromagnetism that are full of concepts, it may feel that the best way to assess learners is knowledge assessments. The problem with this approach is that without the performance criteria being satisfied you are leaving yourself open to non-compliance.

Most components that you’ll need are in one place so you won’t need to look for them each time you do a prac

Electromag pracbox leads you to solutions

Convert theory to practice

With a wide variety of Electromagnetic components in the pracbox, you can now discuss theory and jump into practical. You can even do the practical training first and then discuss the reason behind the effects.

Ease into compliance

The components in the Electromag pracboxes are chosen very carefully from the range statement of the unit of competency. Now you don't have to rely on knowledge assessments, but leverage the skills assessments to perhaps cut down the former.

Demonstrate the relevance

Almost all the components used in the Electromag pracbox are used in the industry in some way. This makes it so much easier for you to show the relevance of the subject to the real world and engage your learners.

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Compliance couldn't be easier​


Parameter Value Purpose & Benefit
Subjects can you use the Electormag Pracbox in


The equipment is designed for the Units of
competency to make it easier for
you to maintain compliance
Power Supply Output
Dual power supplies with
0 to 25V and 2.5A max each
The dual power supply allows
you to demonstrate electromechanical
components that require control and power circuits
Power Control
Colour LCD screen with Supply Voltage,
Current and Power
Make it easier for your learners to understand
the important properties of a power supply
Relays and contactors

12V Open relay
12V Interface relay
24V DPDT relay
24V Contactor

Assess and train your learners with a variety
of electromechanical devices
Magnetic sensing devices

2 x reed switches
inductive sensor
hall effect sensor

Teach your learner about magnetic sensing devices
by connecting them and testing
Coils and inductors

200 turn coil
400 turn coil
100mH inductor

Demonstrate the effects of electromagnetism
in real life with these components
Control devices

3 x NO+NC pushbuttons
SPDT toggle switch

Control the circuit you connect with a variety
of control device configurations
Lamps and LED

2 x 24V 25W lamps
2 x 24V LED

Train your learners using real heating loads
like incandescent lamps and LED pilot lamps
Motor/Generator set
2 x Permanent magnet motors connected
with timing belt
Show the operations of motors and generators
Product Size and Weight
Approx. 500mm x 380mm x 170mm
Approx 8kg
Ultra-portable. Take it in any classroom or
workshop to train or assess your learners

What Our Customers Say

Our clients


Why would someone not want to do business with us?
Worst case? Fuse will blow. There are three levels of safety in the ElectromagPracboxes – the internal power supply is an industrial power supply that has built-in short circuit and overcurrent protection, the power supply controller has another level of short circuit and overcurrent protection and the current from the controller comes through a fuse. So, let them try.
Not at all. All you need is a power outlet, testing leads and a multimeter and you can do practical assessments anywhere.
No. At this stage of the training, you probably would’ve only covered DC so we designed the Electromag pracbox to work with DC.
The inductive or hall effect sensors are not designed to run a load. They are supposed to be used with smart devices but in the Electromag Pracbox, you can use them with the LED lamps or the interface relay. If you would like to control the lamp with the sensors, we suggest you activate the interface relay with the sensors and control the lamp via the relay.
5. Probably can but with a high chance of welding the reed switch contacts shut. They are not designed to run a load but to be used with smart devices. In the Electromag Pracbox, you can use them with the LED lamps or the interface relay.