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Every electrical or electronic course has at least one DC circuits subject, our DC pracbox training aid makes is easy for you train your learners practically so that they understand the DC concepts clearly and are ready for more advanced subjects like electromagnetism and AC circuits

Most electrotechnology trainers find it hard to engage students in practical training in electromagnetism subject. With our innovative electormag pracbox, you will be able to engage your learners in practical training which will enable them to understand the application of electromagnetism in our industry

Most students studying electrical find AC circuits very challenging. Our training equipment AC pracbox will enable you to demonstrate the complex concepts of AC circuits in a practical way. Teaching AC circuit has never been so easy and practical

Not every classroom in your training organisation has a three-phase extra-low voltage supply, so one of your options could be to waste time in relocating your class each time you need to conduct practical training. With our Portaphase – a portable single to three-phase ELV power supply, you can bring three-phase ELV to any room. Now you won’t have to waste your time relocating your classroom and can do pracs anywhere there is single-phase power.

Your learning platform for the training aids. We have put all the equipment training manuals, specifications, induction videos and all other helpful things in one place. You will automatically have access to this when you purchase our products.