Do you teach DC circuits? It's the most basic subject in any electrical or electronic course. DC Pracbox is a perfect fit for the TAFEs and RTOs teaching Electrotechnology or Automotive Electrical and Schools teaching electrical as part of physics or trades. With an onboard multimeter, built-in power supply and all the basic components required for DC circuits training and assessment, DC Pracbox will make you compliant, increase learner engagement and teacher productivity.


If you teach Electromagnetism subject in your TAFE, RTO or School, Electromag pracbox is a must. Initially, designed for UEENEEG101A, a subject in Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician, it comes with versatile and ubiquitous components, it's developed into useful equipment in training and assessment applied Electromagnetism subjects. With a built-in dual power supply, various electromechanical and electromagnetic devices, the Electromag pracbox will make compliance, training and assessment easy for you.


Do you find training and assessing AC theory subjects like UEENEEG102A difficult? We have put almost all the components required for this subject in one pracbox - AC Pracbox. With real inductive, capacitive and resistive loads and a versatile meter onboard the AC Pracbox that shows Voltage, Current, Power, Power Factor, Frequency and Energy on one screen, you will find your learners engaging more and productivity increase, all while keeping you compliant to the training package.

Motor Faults Pracbox

How many equipments do you need to teach single and three-phase induction motors? And what about their fault-finding? Is it costly? Not with Motor Faults Pracbox. In this pracbox, we have put a single-phase motor, a three-phase motor, both ELV, and a powerful fault system that will replace at least 10 equipment that you need for subjects like UEENEEG006A and UEENEEG108A. Motor Faults pracbox also gamifies fault-finding that helps increase learner engagement and trainer productivity and helps you maintain compliance.

Installation Testing Faultboard

Preparing your learners for Licenced Electricians Assessments or training and assessing them in UEENEEG105A and UEENEEG108A? Installation Testing Faultboard can help with all of them. With a basic domestic electrical installation on a compact board and an integrated fault system that has 50 sets of predefined faults, the Faultboard will engage your learners in hours of testing and at the same time, the built-in gamification will keep them coming back for more. It will make them competent in testing and help you stay compliant.


Can you do three-phase training and assessment in classroom? With Portaphase you can. Portaphase is a Single to Three-phase Extra Low Voltage (ELV) power supply that connects to a standard socket outlet and converts the signal into three-phase extra low voltage power, allowing you to conduct your training and assessment safely. Any subject that needs three-phase supply, like G102A (AC Theory), G006A (induction motors and transformers) and G108A (fault finding), Portaphase will make your training truly flexible.

Control Circuit Pracbox

If you teach UEENEEG109A or any basic motor control or ladder programming then Control Circuit Pracbox is for you. It has 3 contactors with thermal overloads and auxiliary contact, multifunction timer, various control devices like Estop, pushbuttons, sensors and limit switches, a programmable relay with a built-in power supply and an ELV three-phase motor. This will cover almost 70% of the subject, in a compact form factor.

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