Portaphase is a safe single to three-phase power

A single to three-phase power supply with safe extra low voltage (ELV) output for training and testing
Problems with testing or training setup for three phase equipment

Unsafe voltage

The standard three phase supply has 415V, which is very dangerous for a training setup where you have learners trying to understand how three phase equipment work. Or you have multiple equipment that you need to perform tests on. Both scenarios open you up to major life risks.

Expensive exercise

Getting three phase in a classroom that only has single phase can be a very costly exercise. First, you will have to bring the three phase to the room, then install expensive power outlets there. This only gets you three phase power, now you have to spend even more time and money to make it safe

Inflexible setup

If you spend the time, money and efforts to get three phase in a classroom and make it safe, that's fixed and limited to just that room. You will have to repeat this costly process to each room you need three phase in. So its not a flexible setup.

Most components that you’ll need are in one place so you won’t need to look for them each time you do a prac

Portaphase - single to three phase ELV power supply offers you

Safe voltage

The output of the Portaphase is extra low voltage, which is less than 50V AC according to AS/NZS 3000:2018 and is considered a relatively safe voltage to work with. You also don't need to hold an electrician's license to work with this voltage.

Reasonably priced solution

Portaphase can be 5 times cheaper compared to getting three phase to a classroom because you won't need to hire Electricians or close the classroom while it's installed.

Flexible setup

Portaphase is a portable unit that converts single phase output from your standard power outlet into safe, extra low voltage three phase power. So, basically, where ever you have single phase power, you can use Portaphase. That's very flexible and convenient.


Compliance couldn't be easier​


Parameter Value Purpose & Benefit
Subjects can you use the Portaphase in

All subjects that require three phase

The equipment is very versatile and
can be used in a number of subjects
Parts of Portaphase

Main Unit converts single to three phase ELV
Learner Unit supplies limited 
three phase power to learner stations
Portaphase cable links the main unit to learner units in a daisy chain

You get ELV 3 phase output and limited power.
These ensure that learners can
conduct all types of pracs that require
AC without accessing very high currents for added safety

Input voltage
240V single phase
This voltage is ubiquitous so you can use
Portaphase practically anywhere
Output Voltage

Main unit: 24V/41.5V three phase
Learner unit: Fixed 24V/41.5V three phase

Safe voltages that are within Extra low voltage
category according to AS/NZS 3000:2018
Output Current

Main unit: Upto 7.5A per phase
Learner unit: Upto 2A per phase

Enough current to conduct a variety of
practical exercises and assessments
Product Size and Weight

Main unit: Need dimensions. Less than 15kg
Learner unit: Need dimensions. Approx 3kg

It's a portable and flexible setup. Take it in any classroom
or workshop to train or assess your learners

What Our Customers Say

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Why would someone not want to do business with us?
The output of the Portaphase is 24V/41.5V, which is within the Extra low voltage category according to AS/NZS 3000:2018. These voltages are 10 times lower than the standard voltages and you don’t need to hold an electrician’s license to use these. Also, per learner unit, the current is limited to 2A max per phase. Both these limitations that are part of Portaphase’s design make it safe to use in a testing environment or a training organisation.

The full package Main unit can supply 7.5A per phase and the Learner units at each station are limited to 2A per phase.  We recommended up to 3 Learner units per Main unit and with two learners per station you could potentially cover up to 6 learners per full Portaphase package

Portaphase Main unit, at least one Learner unit, the cables and a standard power outlet with 240V single phase, which is available almost everywhere. So you can use the Portaphase in a classroom, workshop or even a meeting room.

The Learner unit has three circuit breakers for the three phases. If the current goes over the rating as it would in a short circuit or overload situation, these will trip. Inside the Main unit, there is a unit that also has a built-in overcurrent protection so any of the above fails, this will trip.

Absolutely. If you need to test an unloaded three phase equipment like a fan or a motor, you can use the Portaphase to test their operation and direction of rotation without the need for the dangerous 415V.