Infinispark Pracstreamer™ for conducting virtual and face to face practical training

Engage your learners and viewers in Virtual or Face-to-Face Training with our unique PracStreamer™
We Know The Struggles Engaging Learners in practical training

Do you teach more than 5 learners

If you teach more than 5 learners, you either have to repeat the information multiple times or risk not engaging them

Do you have learners in multiple locations

Do you have some learners in front of you and some at home or a remote location? How do you train them all at the same time?

Do you need an expensive setup

Do you feel like you need to be tech jedi or spend thousands of dollars to have an engaging setup?

PracStreamer™ is an engaging, flexible and portable studio setup for conducting virtual or face-to-face practical training

PracStreamer™ can engage learners virtually and face-to-face practical training

engage any group of learners

Whether you have 5 learners or 50, PracStreamer™ will make it a breeze to train them in the practical training

Reach your learners anywhere

With PracStreamer™ you will be able to reach and engage your learners in face-to-face or virtual practical training.

Affordable and portable studio

Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive setup, only to have a tech heavy system, PracStreamer™ offers you a truly portable, plug and play and flexible studio setup, at an affordable price

Your portable studio will be ready in less than a minute!


Parameter Value Purpose & Benefit

Aluminium profile frame

It's a lightweight and sturdy frame. The PracStreamer™ weighs less than 10 kgs


2 x HD Cameras

High resolution video cameras for clear video streaming. One camera faces the trainer and other is top down that allows you to conduct practical training


Cardioid Microphone

Audio is the most important part of any training. Cardioid microphone enables you to only focus on the trainer's voice and reduce the surrounding noises for clear audio

4 Input Switcher
PracStreamer™ Switcher allows you to choose between the various cameras or feeds. There are 4 views - Presenter View, Top View, Tablet View and External Camera View

What Our Customers Say

Our clients


Why would someone not want to do business with us?
Absolutely. It’s the easiest portable studio setup that you will find on the market. 

You will be ready to stream your practical in less than 1 minute with the PracStreamer™

  • Frame
  • 2 x HD Cameras
  • 1 x  Cardioid microphone
  • Switcher
  • Plug pack
  • 1 x HDMI cable for connecting to a projector or screen
  • 1 x USB-C to HDMI cable for connecting a tablet to the PracStreamer™
  • 1 x USB-C to USB-A cable for connecting the PracStreamer™ as a webcam
The PracStreamer™ is made of sturdy aluminium frame and weighs less than 10 kgs

PracStreamer™ is designed for conducting practical training in a virtual or face-to-face environment in 

  • Training Organisations like TAFEs & RTOs
  • Colleges & Schools
  • B2B or B2C companies that sell products that require demonstration or training