AC Pracbox for assessing AC theory subject in Electrotechnology

A practical equipment with all the components needed in AC theory
Problems when assessing and training AC theory

Disengaged learners

AC theory subject UEENEEG102A or UEEEL0020 is perhaps the most difficult subject in the whole electrical apprenticeship. At the same time, the concepts are very important for the learners to understand. Difficult subjects inadvertently cause disengagement if there is no practical training involved

Math heavy

AC theory subject has so much complex math that the learners tend to question it's relevance, not just because it's math but mainly because they can't see how it transpires into reality. This further disengages the learners.

Struggle with Compliance

In subjects like AC theory that is full of concepts and math-heavy, it may feel that the best way to assess learners is knowledge assessments. The problem with this approach is that without the performance criteria being satisfied you are leaving yourself open to non-compliance.

Most components that you’ll need are in one place so you won’t need to look for them each time you do a prac

AC pracbox helps you

Re-engage learners

Difficult subjects can be interesting. When complex concepts are demonstrated in a practical light, they become more interesting and easy to understand. As your learners see the effects of the components on the circuit, they will be re-engaged in learning.

Build the bridge between math and reality

What if you had a way to practically prove the results of your mathematical problems in a real circuit? Wouldn't that help you build a bridge between the numerical result and the real outcome?

Lead your assessments to compliance

The components in the AC pracboxes are chosen very carefully from the range statement of the unit of competency. So any assessment you conduct using these pracboxes will automatically lend them to compliance.

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Compliance couldn't be easier​


Parameter Value Purpose & Benefit
Subjects can you use the AC Pracbox in


The equipment is designed for the Units of
competency to make it easier for
you to maintain compliance
Circuit testing
Colour LCD screen meter that shows Voltage,
Current, Power, Power Factor,
Frequency and Energy
Make it easier for your learners to understand
the important properties of a circuit, all in one screen
Power Resistors

5 Ohms 50 Watts
10 Ohms 50 Watts
20 Ohms 50 Watts
3 x 33 Ohms 100 Watts

Use these with high currents without worrying about
damaging them. Caution - they will get HOT!
Real Inductors

6 Ohms 29mH
18 Ohms 680mH
18 Ohms 92mH

Let your learners understand the effects
of real inductors on a circuit
Various Capacitors

3 x 22uF capacitors
53uF capacitor
80uF capacitor
220uF capacitor

Show your learners RLC circuits or power factor
correction with a variety of capacitors
3 x 42V lamps
Assess star or delta connection on ELV supply
without the fear of damaging them due to overvoltage
Product Size and Weight

Approx. 500mm x 380mm x 170mm
Less than 7kg

Ultra-portable. Take it in any classroom or
workshop to train or assess you learners

What Our Customers Say

Our clients


Why would someone not want to do business with us?
Yes. In order to keep the weight of the equipment light, we decided to not include the power supply in it so you will need an external extra low voltage power supply.
They will glow brighter as you would expect. We have specially chosen 42V lamps that will not get damaged when used in star or delta connection as long as used with the ELV supply.
No. The IEC cable at the back of the equipment supplies power to the meter.
A real inductor also has a resistive component, which will not let you have a perfect 90 degree phase shift between current and voltage.

If you only have single phase power you will only be able to do the single phase practical exercises, but to do three phase exercises you will need a 3 phase ELV supply. We can offer you Portaphase, which is a single to three phase ELV power supply