Control Circuit Pracbox for assessing motor control subject in Electrotechnology

A practical equipment with most of the components needed in Control Circuits
Problems when assessing and training Control Circuit theory

Inflexible setup

The control circuit subjects like UEENEEG109A or UEEEL0005 require a huge variety of components, which may require a fixed installation. This makes the training environment inflexible

Missing components

Most of the learners and trainers time goes in looking for the right components for the practical assessment or exercise. The result usually isn't just wasted time but also lost interest

Most components that you’ll need are in one place so you won’t need to look for them each time you do a prac

Control Circuit pracbox helps you

Make your pracs flexible

Since the Control circuit pracbox is portable, you can use it anywhere you have the required power access. This encourages flexibility in the learning environment.

Increase productivity and learner engagement

The Control Circuit Pracbox has about 70% of the components needed in the motor control subjects so you know that most of the required components are in one place. This saves you a lot of time, increases your productivity and learner engagement


Compliance couldn't be easier​


Parameter Value Purpose & Benefit
Subjects can you use the
Control Circuit Pracbox in


The equipment is designed for the Units of
competency to make it easier for
you to maintain compliance
Contactor setup
3 x 24V AC contactors with
TOL and 2NO+2NC auxiliary contacts
Most motor control circuits in this UoC
can be covered with this contactor setup
2 x Multifunction timers
A wide variety of timer functions can give your
learners the experience that they need.
Control devices

3 x Pushbutton 1NO+1NC
1 x Switch 1NO+1NC
1 x E-stop 1NO+1NC

You have the flexibility of using
various types of control devices
Sensing devices

Inductive sensor
IR Fork sensor
2 x Limit switches

Assess your learners with realistic sensing devices
Programmable relay
Zelio smart relay with 8 discrete inputs,
4 analog inputs and 4 relay outputs
Train your learners in programmable relays with
this versatile module
that comes with free programming
and simulation software
4 x Pilot lamps
Easily display the operation of circuits
while or before connecting to real loads
3 phase extra low voltage induction motor
Practice with a real load when conducting pracs
Product Size and Weight

Approx. 500mm x 380mm x 170mm
Approx 12kg

A portable device that you can take to any classroom
or workshop to train or assess your learners

What Our Customers Say

Our clients


Why would someone not want to do business with us?
Yes and No. Yes because the pracbox only have DC power onboard for the components that require it. All AC power, including single and three phase will have to supplied from an external power supply
Programmable relay, inductive sensor and Fork sensor require DC power, which can be supplied from the onboard 24V power supply. Contactors and timers require 24V AC single-phase and the 3 phase ELV motor requires 3 phase ELV, both of which will have to be supplied from an external source. The remaining components will work on either AC or DC, depending on your circuit requirements.
In the interest of space, the Variable Speed drive and braking are the major parts of the Unit of competency that are not covered by the Control Circuit Pracbox.
Zeliosoft, which can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer’s website
In certain situations, it can be dangerous but we have ensured that the torque is quite low; you could easily stop it with your hand. However, lose hair and clothing or if someone jams their fingers in the shaft can create dangerous situations.