DC Pracbox for assessing basic electrical subjects in Electrotechnology and Automotive Electrical

One practical equipment for all your assessments for DC Circuits subjects
We Know The Struggles With Teaching DC Circuits Subjects​

Do the assessments meet compliance

If you teach DC circuits subjects like UEENEEE104A, you know that you need so many parts and components that you may or may not have at the time assessments. If you don't have everything, you will struggle proving learners competence during the assessments, which may leave you open for compliance risk.

Where are all the components

How do you manage 30 odd components required per learner when conducting assessments. If you have 10 students then that's 300 components. Do you struggle to find the right on when you need it? Isn't it a pain looking for them in a bucket or trolley full of components?

Learners aren't interested

While you are looking for the components, what are your learners doing? Even if you have all the components in front of your learners, can you control how they are laid out? Because if they are not placed in a consistent way it'll be hard for you to direct them for training or assessment

Most components that you’ll need are in one place so you won’t need to look for them each time you do a prac


Compliant to training package

All the components in the DC pracbox have been carefully chosen based on the range statements of the Units of competency. So you can rest assured that any activity that you do, training or assessment, will take you closer to compliance.

All components in one box

Besides all the components you need, the DC pracbox also has a built-in power supply and multimeter. Now all you need is the testing leads and you are on your way. Your productivity will soar.

Increased learner engagement

When your learners use the DC pracbox, they will be curious and will learn more. As they continue using them, they will feel confident. The consistent layout and standardisation will engage your learners in your style of training.


Compliance couldn't be easier​


Parameter Value Purpose & Benefit
Subjects can you use the DC Pracbox in

AURETR003 (R103)
AURETR032 (R132)
AURETR012 (R112)

The equipment is designed for the Units of
competency to make it easier for
you to maintain compliance
Power Supply Output

0 to 25V
5A max

A wide range of output voltage and high current
output will allow for various practical
exercises and assessments
Power Resistors

2 Ohms 50 Watts
5 Ohms 50 Watts
10 Ohms 50 Watts
2 x 20 Ohms 50 Watts
39 Ohms 25 Watts

Use these with high currents without worrying about
damaging them. Caution - they will get HOT!
Colour Coded Resistors

150 Ohms
470 Ohms
1k Ohms
4.7k Ohms
33k Ohms
180k Ohms
1M Ohms

A wide variety of 4 and 5 band colour coded
resistors to train and assess your learners
Variable Resistors

NTC Thermistor
PTC Thermistor
Light Dependent Resistor

Different types of variable
resistorsto expose your learner to

2 x 1000uF Non Polarised Electrolytic
100uF Non Polarised Electrolytic

Assess and train your learners in charging
and discharging capacitors without
worrying about damage due to incorrect polarity
Lamps and LED

4 x 12V 3W lamps

Train your learners on the difference between
incandescent and LED lights and their
behaviour in series and parallel circuits
IR and Continuity Testing components

Centre-tapped input and 2 output transformer
4 x Nichrome wires

Let your learners do IR and continuity testing
on the transformer and understand resistivity
with various sized nichrome wires
Power Control
Colour LCD screen with Supply Voltage,
Current and Power
Make it easier for your learners to understand
the important properties of a power supply
Circuit Measurement Instrument
Multimeter powered
internally and panel fuses
No need to look for a multimeter, or replace
its battery or open the whole thing to
replace the fuses. It's all made easy for you.
Product Size and Weight

Approx. 500mm x 380mm x 170mm
Less than 6kg

Ultra-portable. Take it in any classroom or
workshop to train or assess you learners

What Our Customers Say

Our clients


Why would someone not want to do business with us?
Absolutely. The DC Pracbox is power by the 240V mains supply but the learners only have access to up to 28V DC, which is Extra Low Voltage (ELV) and is considered relatively safe.
Worst case? Fuse will blow. There are three levels of safety in the DC Pracboxes – the internal power supply is an industrial power supply that has built-in short circuit and overcurrent protection, the power supply controller has another level of short circuit and overcurrent protection and the current from the controller comes through a fuse. So, let them try.
No. The nichrome wires are heating wires, so if you supplied power to them, they will heat up and start burning the internals of the equipment
Why not? All you need is a power outlet, power cord and testing leads and you can do practical assessments anywhere.

Easy. Uncap the fuse holder near the multimeter, remove the blown fuse and replace it with the same value fuse. Done!