Installation Testing Faultboard for assessing apprentices and practising Licensed electrician assessments

A small installation that will help you assess and train your learners in testing and help them prepare for their Licensed electrician assessment
Do you struggle with

Not enough testing practice

Most training organisations have the installation testing equipment with a limited number of faults, which restricts the number of testing attempts a learner can practice. Needless to say that once the learners have gone through the faults, it's nothing new or engaging

No time to build equipment

It's a known fact that trainers are very time poor. When asking them to build equipment, you have to take them away from other important things like training and assessing. That's what generates revenue, that's why they were hired and your learners need their expertise.

Expensive equipment

If you decide to use your trainers to build bespoke equipment, you're not only losing their expertise from the classroom and workshop but also paying a premium for designing, building and parts. As with all bespoke designs, they have to start from scratch and it doesn't just take a lot of time but also a lot of money

Most components that you’ll need are in one place so you won’t need to look for them each time you do a prac

Installation Testing Faultboard can

Turn learners into testing experts

The faults system that is onboard the powered version of Installation Testing Faultboard has 50 sets of faults. Your learners will get up to 50 opportunities to test the installation with changing faults, which will keep them engaged and give them the practice they need

Increase trainer productivity

Rather than spending time building new equipment from scratch, the trainers will be free to apply their expertise where it's really required - with the learners, training and assessing.

Save money

We have designed the installation testing faultboard based on intensive research to build what's needed for the learners.  So instead of spending your valuable resources and money on designing something new, you can enjoy a well designed and good looking equipment that's ready to go


Compliance couldn't be easier​


Parameter Value Purpose & Benefit
Subjects can you use the Installation
Testing Faultboard in

Licensed Electricians Assessment

The equipment is designed for the Units of competency to
make it easier for you to maintain compliance
and for practising forLicensed Electricians Assessment
Operating Voltage
Power Version: Battery powered.
Charger onboard
Non-powered Version: No need for power
In both versions, the idea is that they are
truly portable and don't require constant power
Run Time

Power Version: 40 hours on full charge
Non-powered Version: Always On

40 hours will give you a full weeks worth of
usage without any interruption or need for power
Charge Time

Power Version: 2 hours passthrough
Non-powered Version: Always On

Passthrough charging means you can use the
board while its charging. effectively removing any downtime
Product Size
Aluminium profile stand with
heavy-duty wheels 1200mm x 750mm x 1670mm
Good size for practising testing at standing
height. Nice finish and robust
Fault control access
Powered Version: Via onboard Touchscreen
in a secured location
Non-powered Version: Via fault cards in a secured location
Easy to engage and remove faults
Number of concurrent faults

Faults 1 to 10 - One Fault
Faults 11 to 20 - Two Faults
Faults 21 to 30 - Three Faults
Faults 31 to 40 - Four Faults
Faults 41 to 50 - Five or more Faults

Faults increase in complexity to increase
learner engagement.
Faultboard Versions
Powered and Non-powered
We have an option to suit your requirement

What Our Customers Say

Our clients


Why would someone not want to do business with us?
Our research suggested that there wasn’t any requirement for powering the socket outlets and loads on the board for learning and assessing the testing. But if you feel that you would like to power them, please email us at and lets discuss.
The system is designed to have only one fault set on at a time and a set can have a maximum of 5 predetermined faults. We have chosen every single fault set carefully to ensure no faults coincide to give an unexpected fault.
You will receive a booklet with test sheets for each fault sets that you can use to assess or discuss with the learners when they are testing. This booklet is on our learning platform so you’ll never have to worry about losing it.
Yes, the fault control is located inside the door at the back of the faultboard that is lockable. So if you are assessing the learners, you can lock it and be sure that the assessment conditions are being met.

Absolutely, you don’t have to buy brand new equipment again, we can come to you and replace the internal control setup with the powered version at a substantially less cost.